detective agency kiev



Our detective agency provides the following services:

– discovering and establishing the facts of matrimonial infidelity with giving photo/video reports;
– secret surveillance of the person who is on holiday;
– checking of the biographical and other facts;
– checking of the family status, discovering the biographical and other facts which characterize the person;
– helping the parents to supervise difficult teenagers, establishing their contacts, analyzing their behavior to prevent negative results (escape from home, doing criminals, drug/alcohol addiction etc.);
– checking of the facts given by person who appeals to the acquaintance service including the marriage agencies at the Internet;
– checking of the enterprise’s facts;
– competitive economical exploring;
– checking of the business partners, candidates who are getting work (finding out the way of life, checking of the contacts in the civil organizations and the competitive firms, checking of the previous works and reasons of discharge);
– checking of purity of the real estate’s objects or motor transport which are being sold;
– expert opinion about enterprise’s and personal safety;
– supervising members of the staff for preventing/discovering crime, plundering, waste, the commercial information;
– checking of the nurses’, governesses’, house keepers’ work quality;
– collecting information about the person;
– outer supervising (a pedestrian, a car);
– searching of missing people, hiding debtors, criminals;
– searching of property, real estate, motor transport;
– assistance to the lawyers in criminal and civil cases (collecting and checking of information etc.);
– investigation of the insurance cases, checking of the facts about the circumstances of the insurance cases;
– all types examination (identification of the person according to his fingerprints, examination of the handwriting and the sign, examination of the documents etc.);
– expert opinion about the computer network security and data protection;
– VIP cars and escort services.

Our detective agency provides the following services – 2017