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Information Security

Information Security in Ukraine today to become a priority sector.
Any serious company, number of employees exceeds 100 people, already thinking how effective its information security. After all the problems caused by neglect to such things as information security, one day can suddenly turn unexpectedly collapse of the enterprise.

Often neglect of security arises in the eyes of the leaders because it is very hard to predict the loss of information due to threats. A information security is worth the money, and considerable. And usually the leader is aware of the need to translate their company information security measures after the occurrence of the incident, and the company has lost a number of financial and other resources. Now it is possible to express a specific amount, and only then it becomes clear why information security.

Well as management’s lack of understanding of information security often is that information security – is one complex event. In people’s minds for a long time to be postponed, the main threat to security – it’s hackers, eager to break into the corporate network and do defacement web site. And while no one is thinking. That their own employees, their frustration or negligence, are an order of magnitude greater threat to security than all the hackers of the world combined. And that’s not to mention the right IT structure and maintenance of equipment and communication channels, the documentation of business processes, the work of personnel, lawyers, security – is only the tip of the iceberg that you want to drill to create at least some information security.

It is also very difficult to find an expert who would be responsible for information security. A student who has graduated from university in this specialty, it is not suitable for practical work. Good people are usually already taken, so they and some in Ukraine.

We offer you assistance in this matter.

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