private detective kiev


For business managers which are at risk of illegal takeover.

If your business is engaged in activities in the field of agricultural business or other activities in the area of ​​risk of illegal takeover or possible illegal manipulation with the enterprise itself and the property …

Our agency has developed and implemented a set of effective measures among our regular clients, which are aimed at counteracting a manipulation with companies registers and monitoring of court registers and other actions aimed for the preservation of both enterprise and real estate, etc. (Hereinafter referred to as the Object of Protection).

Our company is expanding and we will be glad to see you among our regular customers, we give you an opportunity to confirm the effectiveness of cooperation with us by providing the first month of service – free of charge. (subject to the signing of a subscription service contract, since the collection and processing of information without the consent of the owner is illegal).

Collaboration with us does not restrict having  a full-time lawyer even if you are already being served  by a law firm, since the additional protection and opportunities that our specialists have developed over 15 years of work in the field of corporate wars and disputes may be – necessary and timely …

The customer service contract includes the following:

  1. Daily monitoring of the registers depending on the property. (enterprise, business owners, real estate, asset groups, personal property, rent)
  2. Daily monitoring of the court registry regarding the Protected Object and its related persons or enterprises.
  3. Counteractions and warnings regarding changes of information.
  4. Consultations on business activities, including accounts receivable / payable, etc.

We  also provide the following one-time legal services:

  • The Executive Service of Ukraine.
  • Organization of force support.
  • Analytical work.
  • Consultations regarding the appointment and conduct of forensics.
  • Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund for debt repayment.

The cost of an annual contract (subscription service) for the services of one Security Object is 30 000 UAH.

One time services – opportunities and their cost are individual and are subject to additional agreement.