Corporate Services

Corporate Services
Corporate Services. Current economic conditions do not always make it possible to keep the huge states of the security services in the business of different companies and also of the congestion on the existing states of the security services are not always able to cope with their tasks in this case comes to the aid of our professional security service agencies, which in the shortest time qualitatively will have the following services:

  • corporate investigations;
  • Investigations in the field of insurance activities, the identification of unscrupulous insurers;
  • establish the circumstances of the misuse of business logos and names, unfair competition, as well as disclosure of information constituting a commercial secret;
  • Identifying biographical and other data describing the identity of individuals, including at the conclusion of their labor and other contracts (personnel security);
  • Search fugitive debtors and missing persons;
  • Search property lost by citizens or enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • Performance of confidential non-standard customer orders.

Years of experience in the security services of leading companies, our specialists will ensure you the professionalism and quality of our work.

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