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Kiev, Ukraine
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Detection of adultery
detective agency kiev
Detection of adultery in Kiev and in all Ukraine,providing the necessary proofs, test suspectings
Bodyguard services
Bodyguard services in Kiev. Fill yourself protected!
Searching of people
private detective kiev
Our private detective help us in searching lost peoples or those, with whome you lose contact, find neccessary information about peoples
You came to the site, which present detective agency кiev , "Board detectives and security professionals of business "Factum". Most likely you came here looking for things such as a

private detective kiev


detective agency kiev

. If you are visiting private detective agency for the first time, and you need a private detective kiev, and you visit here by typing in a search engine "private detective kiev" or "detective agency kiev", you hit exactly where you need it. Our detective agency located in Kiev, but we also work in all Ukraine.

Our detective agency provides a wide range of services such as the identification of adultery, people search (missing persons, debtors, lost contact), assistance in cooperation with law enforcement agencies , checking people in employment, check home attendants (governesses, maids). Each of our private detective has experience in govermental institutions, and private security services or in another detective agency in Ukraine. We also provide services for information security, which itself includes an information security audit, creation of a secure data banks and computer crime investigation. Also our detective agency has the ability to conduct various types of expertise, such as fingerprint expertise, handwriting expertise, ballistic expertise, expertise of the portrait and others. More details about each of our services you will find under "Services". And that's what we not do, it's wiretapping phones, detailing and listing of phone calls, SMS and print detailing as well as any other things that directly forbidden by Ukrainian legal system.

Our detective agency and every private detective set to active cooperation. The basic goal of the detective agency - to keep our customer satisfied with the results of a private detective. We hope that if you visiting our detective agency, you will be satisfied with the work of our private detectives and recommend us to their friends. Our main asset - our clients, their satisfaction with the answers every private detective who works in our detective agency.